Sunday, February 13, 2011

The good fight?

This is a self-intervention.

Hello, my name is Vinnie, and I am addicted to Rise of Nations.

I skipped dinner and hanging out to play this game. In all fairness, those things seem rather trivial when you are working on conquering the world. I do have a few nice monuments, they really help out the empire. Crap, doing it again. Dreaming about playing the game while I am awake.


It's not that it's super terrible or something. I don't like the games War or Risk (I loathe them, in fact). So why should I find myself addicted to Rise of Nations now, Civilization: Call to Power a few years ago, and even to Dicewars online? I think it might not just be the lure of world domination, but the thought of not really hurting anyone along the way. All the games that pit one player against all others, I tend to avoid, at least when played against other living people. I think the real reason I enjoy these computer games is that I can rue algorithms while satisfying my desire to rule.

Looking at it, I not only don't like the games where I need to destroy friends, but I really enjoy the ones where we fight side-by-side against, well, generally it's aliens in some form or another. Maybe this isn't a problem afterall. Maybe it's healthy. Well...except for the skipping of meals part, and the avoidance of social requirements because I'd rather be conquering.

Vincent means To Conquer, so perhaps I'm just living up to my name...then again, I need to go out and remember what the sky looks like. The real one.

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