Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TV times 3V! (The "V" is for Vinnie...or victory...Vinctory?)

You know the exterior of the city hall they use in Parks and Recreation? Well it's the city hall building in Pasadena. Walking past it one day I stopped and went "huh" recognizing it from the best show currently on TV. Here is photographic evidence:

I was very excited to pretend like I'm a proud native of Pawnee.

After this discovery, yesterday I had a private meeting with an acting coach who is known for his work in comedy. In fact he wrote the book on comedy. Literally. I bought it and am reading it now. Anyway, he had me do some cold reads and said that was what I was meant to do and that I am here at the right time now that comedy is making a great new come-back and I should take his words with great value since he wrote the book on comedy. So I felt like expanding my ego a tiny bit. Living down here I can use all the excuses for false modesty I can get.

Tonight was a very special time. I attended a live taping of Tim Allen's new show Last Man Standing. It was my first live taping ever. It was fascinating. Not just because I sat next to an Australian girl (not super impressed since I'm pseudo-kiwi myself, but nice just the same), but because I really dug Home Improvement. This show is basically the same thing, but instead of three boys he has three girls and works at an outdoor store instead of a tool show. Other than that, same deal.

It was great to see how quickly everything moves in TV and how lines change. It really is like a play, but it is also not at all like a play in the way that it took over four hours to film 22 minutes of TV time. Overall I was very satisfied with the process. There was a great comedian who kept us entertained throughout the performance and a DJ that kept things upbeat as well. The biggest thing was laughing when I was supposed to. If anyone has performed with me in the audience, you know it takes a bit for me to laugh. Tonight I did have some earnest laughter. I had a lot more laughter out of appreciation and respect because I knew the joke was funny even though I heard it three times already, but it was kind of part of the unwritten contract between audience and performers in a case like that.

Another great surprise was when I realized that my favorite newest actress is on the show, so I got to see her perform as well. Kaitlyn Dever. She was the little girl on Justified and the youngest daughter on Last Man Standing and also the little girl in Bad Teacher (the WORST movie with the BEST cast). Based solely on her performance on Justified, I know that she is seriously going places, and I am so happy to see her next to Tim Allen. She is a truly great actor and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her. Here's a short interview with her. Read it.

Enough gushing about an actor 1/3 my age with 10 times the talent and drive.

Here is a pic Jack took of me on the set of 513. Nothing super exciting...unless you like awkward thinning men in uniform.