Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's life experiences

After work I went home to change, send some emails to get balls rolling for my big move to LA in a month and to take some vitamins before getting a massage at the holistic health clinic in Forest Grove thanks to my recently updated health plan.

After that welcomed experience I hopped in my car to drive to a friend's birthday dinner/drinks in east Portland...though since it was raining today for the first time in a week or so, people forgot how to drive and it was stop-and-go all the way out to the Cornelius Pass exit. That's crazy times! So I called the Portland evening off and went shopping at 185th, because that's what Vinnies do when their plans change and they don't have paper with them to write on.

This is where the real life experiences happen.

I debated getting fast food for dinner, but luckily for me, I also have a stubborn side that wants to be healthy(er). So I perused The Rack, was thoroughly unimpressed and decided to lower the stakes by heading across the way to Ross. There I tried on shorts...which I haven't done in a very long time. I'm not a shorts guy, but since I'm moving to LA in August...well, necessity dictates such things. I also wanted to try on some dress shirts (15 1/2 and FITTED), but also wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with them since they were especially discounted "clearance." They removed the sensor tags from the button holes...and stabbed them directly through the back of the A+ to the fine crew at Ross (my cashier hurt his thumb, not realizing how much he uses it, so he told me).

After buying some low rise socks, a pair of Vans shorts, passing on a lot of others and settling on two dress shirts, I moseyed over to the shoe store where I tried on some more Vans (I love the brand, they were made for me to wear...and yes, I bought some vans earlier this week as well, but the bottoms are coming out of my old ones...though I still can't quite get myself to toss them). I wrote the style and size down to see if I could find them elsewhere for cheaper. This is my life.

I continued on down the shopping block, making an uber rare stop at Old Navy (my 5th time inside one, I believe). I continued to be unimpressed. Then went to Target, where not only was the store rearranged...but they now have FOOD! Fruit and veggies at Target. If that weren't enough, I decided to test it. I bought some steaks from Target. They were clearance priced.

That was my dinner Target clearance steak, mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Now, it's time for the night to happen.