Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birds of a feather...swim together?

Last night I hung out with some good friends I haven't had time to spend with for a while, so that was nice. I was talking about how I'm taking the tortoise approach with my webseries Set Theory, because I'd found that more satisfying of a process than the hare's method and madness. After I said this, one of them told me he almost always takes the tortoise route and admired me for pretty much always going for whatever it was I wanted and diving right in.

I thought about that.

I like it. I think what keeps me taking chances is that I don't give myself too much time to look over the edge before I jump. If I do, I know I would get caught in a loop inside my head that would stop me from taking the next small, but vital step. I generally don't jump completely blind, though. I talk with other people about the fall and what's on the other side, so I have a general idea, but I do tend to jump no matter what. Though I think what really frees me to let go and live, is that I know that the fall on the other side won't really kill me (it's actually very serene, I learned from my skydiving experience), and the landing won't kill me either. It may break me, but I always heal. More importantly, I know that I will always have friends and family there, not just at the bottom, but along the way to guide me to safe ground. As long as I stay open to them and listen.

As in life, so it is in improv. A great team working together as one unit, a school of fish sensing when to turn and not only avoid collision, but create forward momentum. did that falling metaphor turn into a swimming metaphor?....meh. I'll take it.

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