Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th

I kept forgetting all day that it was Valentine's Day. Little reminders popped in my head like dust particles dancing through a narrow stream of light. Today was special, I just kept forgetting about it. That makes me question what makes a day special? I've had personal days of celebration, we all do, but my birthday is just a normal day for everyone else. Kind of like celebrating the Fourth of July while I was living in New Zealand. It meant something to me, but it was just the fourth of the month there.

Last week my parents had our priest over for dinner. We were talking about recent historical things and how the world changes so much every day. My priest gave me the perspective he has from being inside the Church, how the liturgy is the same in every country, town and parish throughout the world and repeats itself in a four year cycle. From the Church's perspective, no day is special because of politics or wars or treatise. In fact, every day is special as it is a celebration of a saint, a walk through the life of Jesus and carries with it specific readings from the Bible. In effect, the Church is a rock (pardon my weary metaphor), and the events of the world happen as they will, but while they come and go, the Church is. I would like to live this way, to have my life happen, to have the world happen, people come and go (as they will whether I want them too or not), and inside myself remain steady, at all points of my being.

...either that or I'm just lamenting the lack of anyone to give flowers to this year. Either way, today happened to be a special day for many people. For me today happened, and I continue.

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