Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skyrim junkie

I'm a dummy.

I bought the game Skyrim and I knew exactly what would happen. I am recovering like a junkie from yesterdays/this morning's 19 hour straight session of staring at the screen. It's a fun game and you can do anything in it, and in contrast to my last post, I have no problem saying yes to more playing. I have so many quests, side quests, etc that I can foreseeably play until the Nords discover America...if only they weren't bound by the dynamic geography of Skyrim's map.

On that note, I suggest Skyrim for those people who have something in about 6 months and they really have nothing else between here and there. Time will move around you like a swift current and you will be all unawares. Just live in Skyrim time.

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