Monday, January 9, 2012

Me do stuff?

In college I remember realizing that maybe I was stretching myself a little thin when I was student government president, in a play, doing homework, working on my senior thesis and maintaining family and friendships while hosting weekly parties.

Now I am not working and taking a few classes that don't really have homework, but I feel hard-pressed to write an email let alone sit down for ten minutes to write a blog. What's happened to me? I think Newton's Laws have caught up to me. I became an object at rest and I don't seem to have the smallest drive to change my state.

It's crazy, especially since I plan on getting back to the point where I am doing so much I am only maintained by the sheer momentum of my life.

Rethinking things, perhaps it was because in college I was responsible to all the other representatives on the council, my director, my teachers, grades and social status. Now I am, in theory responsible to my family and friends, but in reality I am responsible to myself. I need a Capn. Harris to my Mahoney. Lame Police Academy reference aside, I think I do need something like that. Wow. I just realized that I only did things because of the people around me. I need people around me again! Ones that want me to do things. Mainly things I need to do, not stuff like make a pizza or unload a truck, though both have their place.

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