Friday, January 20, 2012

My raison d'etre in LA

This evening I went to a social thing for Catholics. It went much better than last night's thing where I was the youngest person by a few decades (I'm trying to make contact with people outside of the acting world in a social way). Tonight's was at a wine bar in Santa Monica. I love that area, it's really great. Traffic is terrible from Hollywood, but that's true for everywhere down here.

It was interesting for me, to talk to real people. By real people I mean non-actors. I've been spending most days going to class with other actors, so my own personal story became a part of the background, alongside everyone else who picked up and moved to LA to follow their dream of being a star. Nickel a story (+tax) kind of a thing. Tonight I heard people say “wow, that's ballsy” about my relocation. Through these other people's eyes and lives I realized “oh yeah, I'm here following my dream. That's pretty cool. A little ridiculous, but awesome just the same.”

My everyday life in Hollywood has become normal and so insular that I forgot I'm a pioneer, even though I'm pioneering a thing that's been pioneered so many times it's mapped on everybody's brain. I'm not here to be an overnight success (though I wouldn't say no to it), I'm here for the long haul, to do the work it takes to get where I want to be, and be a successful working actor (then later on a star). Tonight was a good reminder that I need to remember my place in the scheme of things, and the joy and realization that 6 months ago I never would have expected to start a paragraph with “my everyday life in Hollywood.”

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