Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All I know is that it ends with life.

I made some notes this morning of something I wanted to blog about. However, I wrote them in a morning half-sleepy state, so I cannot decifer what I wanted to write about, but I thought that would be a good starting place...not know what I'm talking about. I think it says "Evation Colot is life"...maybe "elevation color is life"? I'm not sure, but the last two words are "is life."

The point is, I'm sitting down and writing, which I've been really lazy about in general. I have an ever-growing list of ideas and a lack of drive to realize those ideas into sketches, blogs, etc. It's the whole -don't die with the song still inside you- thing I'm looking at. Maybe it's more like that time the future me talked directly to the past me. This requires a story-telling moment:

In college, one of my actor friends told me several times that I reminded her of her dad. I took it as a compliment...along with further proof that I've always been an old man. During the run of some show or another, after the play she introduced me to her father. I told him it was nice to meet the future me and we had a laugh. Then I asked him what he wanted to tell the younger version of himself. He took a moment and I could see him go to a personal place inside. Then he looked at me and said "Well, there is one thing. I always wanted to be a pilot, it was my dream, in fact. I entered the airforce and on one of my first times up, the instructor berated me the whole time and said I would never be a pilot. So...I stopped. I did not try to be a pilot anymore. I've done a bunch since then, but I still think about how I let one person keep me from flying."

That's like one of the things you read in a real chicken soup book, right? Well, it happened to me in college. I've had plenty of people tell me I could never be a pilot, but that won't stop me from flying.

[insert "The More You Know" song and shooting star]

....I still don't know what I wanted to write when I woke up this morning. "Exation Kotat is life"? The first part remains a mystery, but I know that it ends with life...and I hope I do too.

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