Monday, March 28, 2011

It's what people do

I realized that when I journaled (technically I still do, I just haven't in probably almost a year), I mostly did it when I was feeling more stress, or had a moment of time. I'm following the same pattern with blogging. Now I just "don't have the time" though I make the time for other things, but stuff is also going pretty well (for the moment, at least). I've got a full schedule making things come together, or at least nudging them along, so I feel a much smaller need to blog, because I don't really need reassurance. Journaling and blogging are different kinds of prayer for me, I think. They help me state in writing what's going on, and I usually end with some statement of encouragement. I suppose that's what most people do with religion. When things are going well, they figure they do not need it or God, and when things go wrong, well, I think every single person has prayed to God (or their version of a diety) in times of peril and crisis. Maybe I'm just a normal person in that regard. There I am.

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