Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does not sleeping make you a somnambulist?

After sleeping a regular six hours every night for a few months, this week saw a return to the erratic schedule and averaging a little over 6 hours a night. I can feel the difference. At first it felt good, like I had a lot more energy, but every day after I can feel the strain. I started out snappy, but now I just snap. I feel anger quicker. That's odd that I could have gone for so long like this and not really noticed it until after I got the recommended amount of sleep. Talked with work to try and get a more reasonable schedule, so we'll see. Until then, just one more night of this, then I can schedule sleep blocks that will allow me to live.

I remember when I was little I didn't want to go to bed because it meant the day was over. I know most people my age can't wait to sleep because that means the day is over. I am somewhere in between. I want to sleep, because I know my body (and I) need it, but I also want to live every second I have. It's another one of those paradoxes that to live fully, I have to spend 1/3 of every day sleeping.

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