Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catman Begins

Larry awoke in a daze with the vinyl fake-wood pattern from his kitchen floor pressed firm in his cheek. The last thing he could recall was eating breakfast as usual. "The cat," he thought, "he was acting funny when he brought me my toaster Eggos."

Yes. Drugged.

Larry lay helpless on the floor, unable to move. Quietly at first, then louder as it neared, he heard the usual scritch scratch of his cat approaching. In his final moments, the truth drowned Larry like a flood.

"No, ninja cat! I trained you....I trained you for good, not for this!"

It was too late. With all the cunning he had learned from his apartment sensei, the catawan had overthrown his master. Thus began the reign of Jean-Claws Van Damme

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