Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bills, Blogs and Bill Boggs

This is my most bloggy post yet. Deal with it.

I just got paid yesterday, which really means one thing: time to spend it all on bills (yay). There, now that's done, I need to post on my blog so that people know I'm still alive, because everyone should get their validation from the internet (I think it's on sale over at

There. Done. Now I am off to fly through the air, movie-magic-style. I am ridiculous and signed up for a two day workshop called an "Introduction to Aerial Flight and Wire Rigging" with Bill Boggs. Apparently he's done wire stuff for a bunch of Hollywood films. Should be fun and ridiculous. This is, in fact why my entire paycheck and more is going to bills...because the rest of it goes to stuff like this.

Regrets? Not here.

So that's my life right now, paying bills, writing blogs, and flying through the air singing classic Disney songs with Bill Boggs. I live a charmed life.

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