Sunday, January 2, 2011

Down with the Sickness

The Moral:
Get the flu sometime for fun; it reminds you how great just feeling normal truly is.

I've pretty much written off the last two or three weekends as never happening productively as I've spent most of my time playing video games, watching movies or generally napping instead of ticking off the things on my list. This slightly ticks me off as my over-productive and lazy natures have always been at odds. I do have a "good" reason though; there's something wrong inside my body. Not sure what. Headaches and stomach aches and lethargy, oh my! It's not all been completely in vain though. This mysteriously persistent illness is teaching me to truly enjoy the moments when I feel normal, like people should. The moments simply when I feel not sick are elevated to something a little more, like rice cakes with frosting on them. I've always enjoyed the flu in principle for this reason: you get a few free days of resting, reading, video games, (and vomit, yes), then you feel great in comparison. Maybe that's weird of me. I'm content with that.

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