Friday, December 2, 2011

My job is school, is life.

I know I am unemployed, but I feel very busy. It is similar to college when I had a lot of different things I studied and lived in a bit of a sheltered environment with a heavy focus on self-development. That's kind of where I am here in LA. Instead of a part time job working at a restaurant, my part time job is going to improv shows. I am putting in my hours every week going to class, extra rehearsal time and as many shows as I can manage (mostly free for students). That is my job and I am fortunate enough at this point in my life to have a support network that allows me to focus on what's in front of me and work at my full time job: acting. This is the part of my career where I do not do much of it for money, but I see a lot of it for experience.

I know I have deeper thoughts on the subject, but I spent a few hours improvising in the dark (a freak windstorm last night is still wreaking havoc on the power grid), and then I went to an 11pm improv show and just got back to my room in Pasadena, so my brain is a bit fried. The point is, my job is to research and study my craft and be the best me I can be. That is my quest and goal. That is my real full time job and I am treating it as such...just without the pay for the time being.

I guess I can say I had a long day at the office. Plus I got another credit on IMDB put up today, so that's not too bad.

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