Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am not abandoning my blog

...I just seem to be taking some time away from it.

Over the last few weeks since my last post I've written at least one or two blogs a day, the problem is I wrote them in my mind and they never found their way out of there. I sent out a search party, but the outlook is not hopeful. I fear they might be lost forever.

What can we learn from this tragedy?

When you do something, make sure it exists in a way other people know it exists. Turns out those blogs were a lot more like high school crushes. They were just too shy and whatever the opposite of world-weary is for people to know they even existed. Se la vie.

My mind has turned more to tweeting, so now anything longer than a single run-on sentence seems like some epic feat.

That might explain the paragraph structure.

Or not.


Yep...totally worth the wait.

Person 1: Would you say it was worth its wait in gold?
Me: No. No I would not.

The end.

(by Leonard Nimoy)

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