Saturday, December 17, 2011

The elusive nerdy dick

There's a character I've been wanting to develop for quite some time but not sure exactly how to execute it. I found another element of him tonight at a stand up show.

(side note: the only reason I went to the show was to see a girl I have a bit of a crush on perform. She hosted, and I thought she was the funniest person, only further bolstering the reason for my crush. Also, she doesn't know who I am, so there we are on that note).

The comic was describing his experience going through airport security next to a pilot. They both took off their jackets-normal, both emptied their pockets in the trays-normal, then he took out his macbook while the pilot took out a Compaq Presario-panic time! According to the comic, he could not trust anyone who has such an out-dated piece of electronics. I read his reaction as: the pilot is not like me, which means he's an ignorant moron who will crash my plane out of stupidity. That's kind of the heart of this character I keep seeing and want to explore: the nerdy dick.

He's kind of a hypocritical elitist. He is the first to correct people when they make grammatical or factual errors, and the first to blog about how rude people are when they try to correct him. He's really the modern day version of the jock in the world of geek chic. He bullies other people who he deems inferior to him. Basically, he's a lot of what I hate about people all wrapped up in narcissistic intellectualism. In short, he's the parts of me I don't like.

For some reason, despite having strong notions of who this character is and where he comes from, I just cannot find the right frame to put him in, the sketch to write for him or the monologue manifesto for him to pronounce. Perhaps I'm still too close, or I have not yet learned to laugh at that part of myself. Either way, he's still there taunting me. One day, soon enough, I'll find out exactly where he lives and he'll talk. Until then...I'll just know he's always there-looking down on all my life choices.

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