Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last day at work.

I was waiting in line for the restrooms behind a coworker. The doors to the restrooms are not that thick, so you can usually tell where people are in the process (i.e. flushing, sink running, towel dispencer, etc.). There was clearly a man and a child in the men's room.

The door to the women's room opens up and a little girl comes out while my workmate enters that restroom. The little girl is searching around, clearly not finding who she was looking for, so I asked her if she was looking for her dad and brother. She said yes, so I told her they were probably in the other restroom. I commenced leaning against the wall with my arms crossed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her copy my stance in wait. Then we waited. For a minute. Then another minute. After both her and I shifted stances a couple times, I leaned over and said "They're taking a long time, aren't they" to which she replied "Yeah, they both had to go number 2."

Then I heard the little boy through the door say "Bye-Bye diarhea" to which the father shushed him.

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