Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tonight I accosted Neil Patrick Harris

Well, he signed up for it and signed a waiver saying it's okay, so I guess it was not accosting in the legal sense.

I got a job at a...well...we'll call it a haunted house, but there's no ghosts or anything.  It's called Blackout, they've been doing it in NY for 4 years and this is their first time in LA.  It's a small cast, and it is more of a cast than a crew because there's no monster make-up or any of the normal haunted house things, just creepy situations.  In fact, it's kind of an anti-haunted house.  You have to be over 18 to enter and you have to go through it alone.  Also, you have to do everything you are told and you will be touched by the performers.  In short, it's an intense experience.  There is nudity involved (not me) and all sorts of freaky things.  To give you a hint, my room is a narrow space that only has you, me and a staple gun in it. 

Since I'm not in the right mood to explain this better, I'll just say that NPH went through the house tonight, we stared deeply into each others eyes, he stapled me then I stapled him.  I also felt his chest- he's got super muscles, btw!  Anyway, that was the highlight of the show for me so far...well...I'll call it the highlight because I also have people who leave my room in tears...I'm extra creepy and people buy into the whole experience because...well...there's some real things that go on in there...and some really creepy things too.

If you're in LA, try getting tickets.  I know it's sold out but they might extend the run.  And remember the safe word so you can call it if it's too intense for you.  I know I would not go through it as a patron, it's rough enough being in it.

I have to also say that though there are a lot of screwed up situations within the show, the cast is made up of some great people...if not mildly disturbed, but I would have to be included in that number.

In the words of NPH via twitter: Dudes! Just went through Blackout in LA. You must go through it alone! Terrifying, intense, a little horny. I loved it.

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