Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick rundown of recent life events

So I suck at updating on this thing apparently.  It's been a really great last few weeks, I'll just drop the highlights and save the stories for later, I guess.

I've been auditioning like crazy, doing a few student films, I shot a promo for AMC's Fearfest, so you can see me on AMC this month. 

Last week I was an extra on the best show ever made-Arrested Development! I don't want to give any spoilers, but I'll say I was part of one of Gob's illusions...at a wedding.  I also had a great little chat with Alan Tudyk, an amazing actor who's not really recognized for how great he is both as an actor and a human.

I just got cast in the epic haunted house experience Blackout, which has been running in NYC for about 7 or so years and LA for 4 years, still not sure what I'm doing and it scares the crap out of me, which is probably exactly why I'm doing it.

Keeping up with improv, in 401 at UCB, doing some shows at indie venues, generally being kick-ass at life.

Did I already mention the auditioning?  Yeah, doing a bunch of that.  This last weekend I had a shoot scheduled then got offered another shoot I had to turn down then got offered a role in a third shoot also on the same day for something I didn't audition for but the guy was calling me based on another project I auditioned for him.  So yeah, feeling pretty good about myself...now if I could just make some money doing any of this...

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