Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tingly feeling

I'm riding a little wave right now.

I just got back from a second callback for a feature film, and they had me read with four women (as my wife in the film), which makes me think they've already cast me and were figuring out who I'll be married to.  (Now that's an interesting form of arranged marriage).  I only say it makes me think that because they had me stay in the room and brought each woman in one at a time and the director was giving me thumbs up between each one.  I figure that's a good sign. 

The reason I'm talking about this (besides sharing a very positive moment in my path with people I care about-blog readers) is because sometime right before the first one as I was sitting in the room I started to get a tingling sensation in my spine that kind of spread in gentle waves to my head and around me.  I get this feeling sometimes when I'm acting, and I know it means I'm acting well and instead of focusing on it, which would distract of my work, or ignoring it which would also distract and weaken my work, I just experience it and rode the wave of that tingling through the scene.  I'm still feeling it now and I felt it in the first audition and first callback for this film as well.  I've felt it in the past at other odd times too.  The most regular was when I used to get my haircut.  I cut my own hair now so I don't get that feeling from it anymore, but I always used to get my haircut by Rudy (the racist) barber [he's not that racist, I just like the sound of Rudy the Racist Barber].  I'd wait in line in the shop, because it was always busy with regulars and listen to them talk about sports and hunting and look around at all the mounted animals on the walls and the huge fish tank.  I might even start to feel a bit of a tingle when I knew he was finishing up the guy in front of me, and every time I sat down in that chair and I heard the buzz of the clippers in his hand as it neared my head, I felt that same tingly sensation.  The only thing I can think that it might be is the exchange of energies between certain humans.  Like we were somehow sharing a palpable experience and I was tuned to that particular interchange of energy, of human interaction.  I dunno.  Whatever it is I like it and I'm a bit addicted to it.  Not sure I want to dwell on it longer in blog form, but it's a fascinating feeling and I hope every has it at some point.  Though right before the audition I had also gone to confession so maybe it was a reflection of another higher connection.  Who knows.  Either way I felt it, I still feel it and I like it.

I've had a super busy week as well.  Oh yeah- I now have commercial representation!  That's a big bonus for me, having someone else out there trying to get me work.  Though I've been doing a pretty okay job of it on my own, this may seriously help me pay my bills assuming I keep doing my part of it.  Though I don't want to jump ahead to any conclusions as I did in my callback today.  I've been kicking up all my efforts to a higher level this year and it's really been smiling on me.  I know I haven't written in a long time, and one of my last posts was very negative.  That happens.  It doesn't mean life's been poor or I've been hiding, I've actually been doing well.  I'd love to talk and share more right now, all my meetings and other auditions and whatnot, but I also need food know what? I'm planning on celebrating my week by playing a few hours of Halo4.  So yeah, I work hard, I play hard.

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